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As well as oven cleans, we offer further kitchen appliance cleans as listed below. We believe that treating your appliances to regular cleans can restore and improve the appliance’s life span. We will try to always offer the most convenient time and date for you.
Our aim is to save you time, mess and fuss so you can get on and enjoy your day.

Microwave Cleans

Microwaves, can be a breeding ground for multiple bacterias, as it is often the case that food remnants and sauce spills
can accumulate over time, leading to bad smells and an unhygienic space to cook food

Washing Machine Cleans

Tthe lack of regular cleaning of your machine can often result in affecting the capability and quality of the wash cycle, leaving your clothes improperly washed and not smelling clean. This also reduces the lifespan of the machine.

We will ensure the cleaning of both water and
dirt filters, all door seals and edges, and any reachable surfaces inside and out.

Dishwasher Cleans

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Fridge Freezer Cleans

Appliances, such as refrigerators can be a breeding ground for multiple moulds and bacterias. As well as this, if not properly attended to, the refrigerator can often build up ice, which affects the energy efficiency of the product and therefore costs more to run and reduces its capability. Through our cleaning process, we will rid your appliances of bad odours, persistent stains and residue build up from those hard to reach places, leaving you with a clean, bright and sanitary place to store food.

American Fridge Freezer Cleans

Like regular firdge freezers, we undertake the cleaning of the American style double door frdige freezers ensuring that your appliance runs efficiently, has a longer lifespan and of course stores your cold and frozen good safely and efficiently.

Ovens (Of course!)

As our company name states, ovens are our speciality. We are able to undertake cleaning on both residential and commercial ovens and cover most brands. Our unique onboard cleaning system in our van ensures that your oven is left looking almost brand new.

Extractor Fans

Extractor fans are often forgotten about and until the build up of grease and residue becomes visible or a noticeable odour
starts to form. Our products and processes cut through this built up residue and eradicate any nasty odours. By removing and cleaning the extractor’s filters, cleaning of all reachable surfaces, getting rid of any build up, grease and carbon residue, your extractor will not only be hygienic and remove any odours, but will work efficiently as well.

Our Cleaning Systems

At Canterbury Oven Cleaning, we ensure the use of non dangerous chemicals for all our cleans. For our oven cleans, we primarily use a gas heated dip tank system (which is onboard our van). This boils grease, fat and dried carbon off all of the components that are placed in the tank. Everything that is removable from your oven can be placed in the tank including:






Tray supplied with oven


Fan back plate


Glass from door


Some gas hob parts

For the main oven/hobs and extractors, we undertake this cleaning by hand using a combination of tools, non-toxic chemicals and good old fashioned elbow grease. Once the oven is fully cleaned, we rinse with cold water and reconstruct the oven.

By removing all traces of grease and burnt on carbon and grime, we can not only ensure that your oven gets the best face lift possible and is looking as good as new, but also your oven will now be completely hygienic, ridding it of nasty bacterias that can hide in those hard to reach places. We not only take on domestic oven cleans, but also commercial oven cleaning, cooker canopy and ducting cleans, meaning we can tailor to any oven clean need.

We Clean Most Brands Of Ovens & Appliances